Film-Based System

I Want to Retrofit My Existing Film-Based System

For those looking to leverage their existing film-based equipment – there are two options: choose the longest-lasting, highest-quality system with our Digital Sensor – or the latest technology in digital x-ray with our new Flat Panel.

Digital X-ray System

I Want a Complete Digital X-ray System

Nothing screams MODERN like our new U-Arm complete digital x-ray system. For less than $45K you can get a brand new tube, powerful generator, digital sensor and our VetSight software, all installed. Now you can capture the spinal image of your clients…and make an impression on them.

I Already Have a Digital X-ray System

Our software-only solution revolutionizes your existing digital x-ray hardware and helps you achieve a new level of communication with your clients – dramatically increasing patent compliance and practice profits. The Radiology Report generator and data back-up features keep you compliant with state boards and HIPAA.


Superior Efficiency.


No Monthly Fees Required.


Client Expectations Exceeded.


That Will Blow Your Mind.


Lasts Over 2 Decades.

The Veterinarian’s Bill of Rights

We, the Veterinarians, believe firmly that:
Every client deserves to have access to the best healthcare – where surgery and scripts are a last resort, not a first.
Every veterinarian has the right to affordable digital x-ray technology that produces diagnostic-quality images.
Every practice should have digital x-ray equipment that will last not just for years, but for decades.
Every client should be empowered to have the ability to see – and electronically share – their spinal health images with loved ones.
Every practice should be equipped with the right technology tools to demonstrate the evidence for care.
Our end goal: longer lasting and better outcomes.

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